‘Worst day of my life’: PetMart volunteer dies after being struck by SUV

Volunteer Zone

The family of a volunteer firefighter who died in a crash that killed a petmart volunteer has asked the Arizona Department of Public Safety to investigate the incident.

The family also wants the state to release video footage of the accident and to pay for the funeral costs of the man who died.

The man was driving a Nissan Frontier pickup truck in Scottsdale on Nov. 11 when he was struck by a Nissan Altima SUV.

A passenger in the Altima was not injured.

He was in his 20s.

The crash was captured on video and posted on Facebook by Petmart volunteer Daniel Hildenbrand.

Hildebrand’s Facebook post says that the Nissan Altimas were heading eastbound on U.S. 101 when the volunteer driver saw a silver Nissan Altis approaching at a high rate of speed.

He called 911 and began pulling over.

Hildebrand says that while waiting for paramedics to arrive, he was hit by the Altis.

The Nissan Altisi did not stop.

The driver got out of the vehicle, hit Hildegard, and ran away.

He crashed the Nissan in a residential neighborhood.

Police said that the Altimis driver was identified as 24-year-old J.D. “J.D.”


Police have not released a description of the Altilas driver.

The Altimos are still at the scene, and no charges have been filed.

The Arizona Department for Public Safety said it is investigating the crash.

“Our hearts go out to the family of the deceased firefighter,” a department spokeswoman wrote in a statement.

“We have also reached out to Petmart and the Altimeter Volunteer Firefighter Association to share the video and other information as it becomes available.”

Petmart spokeswoman Lisa Hahn said that she did not know how many employees were on the Altimeters.

“All employees are on the alert and trained on all of our processes, policies, procedures and training,” she said.

Petmart spokesman Chris Osterman said that Petmart has a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe driving and that any violations are handled internally.

“Safety is a top priority at Petmart,” he wrote in an email.

Pet Mart’s corporate office declined to comment on the accident.

“It is a tragic loss,” Pet Mart said in a prepared statement.

The company is reviewing safety policies and procedures to improve safety, according to the statement.

It is also providing $1 million to the Altimerianas family.

“Petmart is committed to helping the Altimes family through this difficult time, and we are reaching out to help,” the statement said.

The incident has drawn the attention of the National Association of Police Organizations, which has launched a petition calling for the Arizona DPS to investigate and charge Johnson.

The petition asks that the DPS prosecute Johnson in the death of Hildelbrand.

Johnson’s wife, who works as a nurse, said that her husband is doing fine.

She said that Johnson has been in and out of jail since the crash and that he has a valid driver’s license.

She added that she doesn’t know why she and her husband have been so angry at PetMart.

PetMart’s website states that Johnson was “the most important and beloved employee at Pet Mart.”

PetMart said it has a policy that requires employees to drive a safe distance when working with animals.

“The safety of all of the employees is our top priority and we take any allegations of animal cruelty seriously,” the company said in the statement, adding that it has been training its workers on how to drive safely.

The statement did not address why PetMart decided to remove Johnson from his job and release the video.

The state Department of Transportation has not yet released the video or any details about how it happened.

The department has not released the Altimanas video.

A Facebook page dedicated to the couple’s cause has been created.

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