Why you need to volunteer more in 2018


By JOE WASHINGTON, Associated PressBENGALURU: The state of Bengaluru is bracing for a massive surge in volunteer firefighting as the heat wave turns into a scorching monsoon.

The capital is on track to get its first volunteer firefighter for over three decades on Tuesday as the city is expected to see more than 30,000 volunteers.

The fire service, which operates as Bengaluru City Fire Brigade, has about 1,000 firefighters and has more than 5,000 dedicated volunteer firefighters.

A total of 6,500 people have been deployed by the city’s fire department during the past two weeks, with another 500 volunteers being deployed to help out in case of emergencies.

The city is planning to send 2,000 more volunteers on Tuesday to help with disaster relief.

It is a big boost for the city which has been struggling with a heat wave that is expected over the next two weeks.

Bengaluru has seen a surge in temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius, which is the highest in Bengaluru in several months.

It has been raining heavily for the past few days and has been affecting water supplies and electricity supplies.

The heatwave is expected for the next few days, especially in parts of the north and east Bengaluru, the capital city of the southern states of Assam and Tamil Nadu.

There is a lot of concern about the city getting hit by a flash flood.

People are trying to get out of their homes and are working hard to stay safe.

The heatwave has already affected water supplies, power supply, sewage and sanitation.