Why Ohioans want a volunteer to help the state’s water crisis


Ohioans are turning to one volunteer for help in the water crisis.

The Ohio Volunteer Corps (OVC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping communities around the state with water-related needs.

The OVC was founded in 2006 and has helped more than 30,000 households in the state and surrounding counties.

Its mission is to create a network of volunteer water service providers in Ohio, the state of Ohio and the surrounding region.

The group, which is in its fourth year, has provided water services in more than 600 communities.

The organization is also working to provide free, accessible water to families and small businesses.

In its first year, the OVC served more than 12,000 families in the city of Columbus and served more then 1,500 people in Columbus.

The OVC also served nearly 2,500 households in Columbus County, and served 3,000 people in Cleveland County.

More than 100,000 Ohioans served the OVEC in the first two months of this year.

The agency has also provided water service to more than 4,000 businesses and residents in the area, including the Columbus Museum District, Cleveland Zoo, Cleveland Clinic, Columbus-area hospitals, Ohio State University and the University of Toledo.

The nonprofit organization is located at 710 E. Columbus Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43211.

The Columbus-based nonprofit has about 5,000 volunteers in more over 100 offices in the Greater Columbus area.

The agency has about 20 employees.

The company has more than $3 million in annual revenue.

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