Why I Don’t Volunteer at My Office (And What I Do for a Living)

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I’ve heard it all: You’re too busy to volunteer, you’re too lazy to do it, and you’re worried that it’s going to cost you.

I’ve seen it all.

You know what’s not a volunteer?

People who are not in need of help, or who don’t even want to be there.

The truth is, I have a lot of volunteer friends who do volunteer work for their families.

Some of my closest friends are also my closest volunteer friends.

And some of my best friends are people who volunteer in other parts of the world.

They do things they love to do, and they do them for the love of the community.

So it’s not just the money that counts.

The more time I spend with my volunteer friends, the more I find myself thinking, I wish I could volunteer for their community, too.

So I decided to do just that. 

So why do I do it?

One reason is that, as a woman, I feel like I’m not doing enough for the community that I love.

That is, it’s something I feel is not being fully acknowledged and that is something I don’t feel I can do alone.

So when I volunteer, I try to do more than just help out with food, and shelter, and medical care.

I try and help make things happen for others in my community. 

Another reason is because it feels like I’ve come full circle.

I’m finally able to take that time to really give back to the community, and I’m doing it for the people I love, and that’s exactly what I’m striving to do with the help of my volunteer colleagues.

I think that’s the whole point of volunteerism.

I just want to give back.

So, what can you do to help out? 

If you want to help, here are some things you can do.

If you live in a community where you feel like you’re not appreciated or needed, don’t be shy about saying that.

If someone needs to know why you’re doing something, let them know.

Be kind to yourself.

Be humble.

You don’t have to do anything, but you should. 

When you’re helping out, ask yourself if you can be a positive role model for the volunteer community.

Are you a role model who has a positive impact on people?

Can you give a positive message? 

Do you want the community to see you as an example of how to be a good person? 

The answer to all of these questions is yes.

And it’s because you’re the type of person who can really take advantage of the opportunity to really help others, whether you volunteer or not. 

Now, the question of “why?” is a big one.

Because if you’re a woman who’s in need, you know that you are not welcome in your community.

And when it comes to people who aren’t, it can be tough to be the one to give them a voice.

So what can I do? 

Volunteer and volunteer with other people.

You can do it all over the place. 

Volunums are so common these days that they’re really not about “why.”

It’s about “who you are.”

And the people you’re with and the people that you’re working with are the people who are going to make you a better person.

And if you want that voice, you have to find a community of like-minded people.

I love to be in a volunteer group with my female friends, but I also know that I’m more likely to feel valued if I’m in a group of people who share my passion.

And the more you share your passion, the better you feel about yourself and your community, because when you share that passion, you get to share your own stories. 

What you can’t do is just stay in your comfort zone.

And while it might seem like a good idea to volunteer at a non-profit or a church, it doesn’t have much of an impact on the work you do, because you’ll be helping out in your own way. 

If it’s an organization that you like, volunteer there, too, because they don’t care as much about the people they’re helping. 

Do what you love.

Do it for your community as a whole.

Volunteer to support a cause you love, even if you don’t get paid for it. 

You should not give up on the people in your life, because there’s always someone out there who needs help. 

And I hope this article has helped you find your passion.

If it has, I want to hear about it.

Leave a comment below and tell me about your experience volunteering and your favorite volunteer organization. 

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