Which states have the highest number of volunteers?

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) The number of volunteer workers in Ohio is the highest in the country, but not in the way you might think.

The Columbus Metropolitan Planning Organization says the state has nearly 4,500 more volunteer employees than the national average.

And the state is actually more than doubling the number of its employees, the group says.

We’re not getting enough volunteer workers to help the city get through the year, said Mike O’Leary, executive director of the nonprofit.

That’s because Ohio has the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

The city of Columbus has had a vacancy rate of about 7.3 percent, but it has an unemployment rate of 12.2 percent.

The unemployment rate is higher in Columbus than anywhere else in Ohio.

The unemployment rate was the highest of the 25 largest metro areas in the United States in December, according to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That’s because people are dropping out of the workforce or moving to other parts of the country.

But Ohio is also the only state in the union that doesn’t have a state retirement system that provides pensions to people who are out of work.

Ohio Gov.

John Kasich has tried to reform the state’s unemployment system, which has been plagued by problems and is facing a budget shortfall.

But the new system, set up by Ohio’s legislature in 2016, has been criticized by some lawmakers as being too complicated and slow to implement.

Ohio has a federal unemployment program, but federal rules allow states to set their own retirement systems for their workers.

State Sen. Tom Clements, D-Columbus, is proposing to create a state pension for state employees that would provide pensions to workers for life, which would be funded through a new sales tax.

Clements said he’s trying to change the system to make it fairer and easier to find work.

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