Which players will you see wearing purple for their first World Cup match?

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When it comes to World Cup players, purple is not only for the stars. 

The pink and blue are a new look for the national team that has also introduced a brand of polo. 

The team has worn purple for all five of their games so far this year, and the first game of the tournament was a massive success. 

 Brazil’s head coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari, said in an interview with Reuters that the team is in a “good place” and that the “color is the best thing for us” during a pre-match interview. 

In a recent interview with AP, the World Cup’s governing body said the color of the jersey is “important” for all teams. 

“It is not the color that is important, but the quality of the player’s performance in the jersey,” it said. 

Players can wear the purple jersey for the first time in the game, with the red and yellow being worn during matches. 

Brazil also has a brand new kit for the tournament, featuring a pink and purple jersey. 

For the first two games, the team was wearing the red shirt and the purple shorts. 

On Friday, the blue shirt was worn by the Brazil squad, with only one player on the team wearing the purple shirt. 

That player was captain Neymar, who wore the red jersey.

On Saturday, the Brazilian team wore the purple kit. 

Neymar was seen in the video wearing the pink jersey as the Brazilian players wore purple shorts for the game. 

Saturday’s match is set to kick off at 1 p.m.

ET on Friday, with all three teams wearing their usual pink jerseys. 

After the team wore its new kits, the players were able to walk out in the team van and take part in warm-ups before the match. 

This was the first World Cups since 2009 when Brazil lost the first-round match to Spain and was knocked out in penalty kicks in the quarterfinals. 

Despite the lack of a silver medal, the Brazil players are hoping to put on a show for fans. 

They said they wanted to give fans something to cheer about after the match, and that their fans have been very supportive. 

Their supporters are still waiting to see if the purple will be worn for the second match against Croatia. 

Croatia is scheduled to play the Netherlands in the third round on Tuesday.