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This article originally appeared on the The Lad website.

 The Lad, a Jewish weekly, recently published a short article on its website titled “The Truth Behind All Things Jewish.”

The article featured interviews with the author, Rabbi Michael B. D’Avi, and the editor, Dr. Eliezer Hirschfeld. 

The article was published in a December edition of the Lad’s newsletter, The Jewish Daily Forward.

The Lad was founded in New York City in the 1920s by Rabbi Abraham Sobotka.

It began as a newspaper devoted to the Orthodox community, but it has grown in popularity.

In the past 20 years, The Lad has published a number of articles about Jewish issues.

It recently published an article titled ” The Meaning of Being Jewish: From Rabbi Sobotkas Jewish World to Your Jewish World .”

The Lad also published an episode of The Daily Show about the Jewish holiday of Passover. 

In addition to publishing a number short articles, The Led has also published a wide range of short pieces on Jewish topics.

The Lad is published in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

The article that appeared in the Lad was written by Rabbi D’Ava Shabbat.

The title was inspired by the book The Meaning Of Being Jewish, which is a compilation of Jewish texts and quotes.

It is the work of a Jewish scholar and rabbi, Rabbi Yosef Bar-Lev.

The author of the article is Rabbi Daim Zvi Bar-Tal, a rabbi from the City of David in Israel.

The article is an opinion piece by Rabbi Shlomo Gluckstein, a senior rabbi at Congregation Sholom. 

“What The Lad wanted to do was to shed light on the true meaning of being Jewish, to show that this holiday is not about one or the other, but about the whole Jewish experience,” said Rabbi Dov Zakheim, senior rabbi and head of the Orthodox Union’s Religious Action Center.

“It is not a religious holiday for anyone who does not believe in a messianic figure.

The holidays we celebrate are all about the experience of being Jews.”