Where to Volunteer in Orlando: A list of places you can go to help Orlando fight the Ebola outbreak


The United States is a big and sprawling place, but its population has shrunk dramatically in the last few years.

The number of Americans over 65 in the United States has dropped from an estimated 7 million to around 5 million.

The country’s unemployment rate has dropped to 5.9% and its labor force has shrunk from 1.9 million to less than 1 million.

Now, with more than 500 cases of Ebola in the U.S. and one confirmed death, the nation has to do more to find ways to fight the spread of the virus.

Orlando is a city of about 2 million that’s been hit hard by the pandemic.

Its downtown is packed with bars and restaurants, with a lively nightlife.

The city has been hit by a number of major storms, including hurricanes Irma and Maria.

But Orlando has been slow to respond to the virus and it’s a city that’s largely left untouched by the crisis.

That’s not a problem for a volunteer called The Missionary Missionary who has been helping the city of Orlando fight off the virus for over a year.

“We’re a group of volunteers who have been working on this, and we’ve been trying to get our hands dirty, to see if we can help with some of the things that need to be done,” Missionary said.

Missionary has volunteered for a number in Orlando.

He and his partner, Michelle, decided to set up a group called Orlando Volunteer, which they say will be focused on helping people to get medical supplies and help with transportation.

Orlando Volunteer was created to be a place where volunteers could meet up, do community service projects and help those in need.

They say it’s also a place for volunteers to learn more about how to fight and survive the pandemics.

“The mission of Orlando Volunteer is to create a space for the Orlando community to come together to help and support the efforts that we’re all involved in,” Michelle said.

“There’s a huge need for help right now, so we’re here to give it to the people.”

Missionary says the group’s goal is to help provide healthcare, food and housing for those who are living in the hardest-hit areas of the city.

They are also trying to reach out to businesses, as well as help people with basic necessities like a meal, and to help people who are struggling to pay rent or make ends meet.

The group’s website includes a list of resources, like the Free Library, which is offering free books, and the Urban Farmers Market, which sells locally grown food.

For those who want to volunteer, there are other organizations that have been helping, including The Missionaries, who have also started their own community service program.

“A lot of these people have nowhere to go,” Michelle explained.

“If we can just get them to know the resources that are available, then they can make a decision.

I think they’ve done that, and I think the community has been supportive.”

Missionaries is also offering a one-day event for people to learn about the pandepics and other challenges facing the U, or anyone interested in helping.

They’re asking for donations of clothing, toys and supplies to be given to people who need it, as part of the effort.

“They’ve really gotten out of their comfort zone,” Michelle told ABC News.

“So I think people have really embraced the opportunity to be part of this.”

And, the volunteers say they want to help as much as they can, but they also want to make sure people know that they’re doing it out of love and care.

“Our goal is just to be as helpful as we can, as many times as possible, but also to be able to provide as much comfort as we possibly can,” Michelle added.

“To the people that we have to help, we just want to do everything we can to be there for them, and help them out, so that they can be healed.”