What you need to know about Orlando’s soup kitchen program

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— Orlando is home to a community soup kitchen that is preparing for its fourth year.

Organizations that run volunteer hours in Orlando can get $10,000 in funding, but it is up to the volunteers to do most of the work.

They can choose to work in a food pantry, run a grocery store, or even help a family member.

Some programs have started with a limited number of volunteers.

They may even be in a temporary situation, but the organization needs to be able to support them for at least a year.

Here are some of the things to know before you start:What you need before you volunteer:The soup kitchen in downtown Orlando is not a traditional soup kitchen.

It’s a community kitchen that provides soup to families in need.

The soup is prepared by the volunteers themselves.

You will be the only one who gets to eat the soup.

You must complete the basic requirements before you can volunteer:Knowledge of food preparation and serving skillsKnowledge about soup preparation, serving and storage of the foodYou can volunteer at the soup kitchen for up to eight hours a day and it’s free to join.

If you need more, you can pay an additional $10 to $20 per hour for additional work.

Food pantry volunteers must be able:•Have an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma•Have a clean vehicle for the food to be served•Be physically fit and healthyThe soup kitchens have a large kitchen that can hold up to 2,000 people.

Food pantries are also available in the community kitchen.

For more information about the soup kitchens, visit the Orlando Area Soup Kitchen website or call the Orlando Soup Kitchen at 407-943-0444.

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