What happened to the KC Chiefs?

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KC, Kansas City — What happened to Kansas City’s playoff chances?

The Chiefs are on the verge of another playoff appearance and the team that is not a playoff team.

If you’re wondering if you’ll see the Chiefs again this season, here are 10 things you need to know about the team and its future.1.

The Chiefs have no postseason hopes.

This season, the Chiefs were eliminated from playoff contention by the Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship Game.

The Raiders were able to pull out the win by outscoring Kansas City 23-0.

It’s a huge win for the Raiders, who have now won five consecutive playoff games.2.

The Raiders were supposed to be good this season.

They were a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

In the AFC title game, the Raiders defeated the Patriots in overtime, 28-17.

That was just the second time in franchise history the Raiders had beaten a team in the divisional round.

However, it wasn’t enough to beat the Patriots.

With a Super Bowl berth and the AFC championship game on the line, the Raider defense struggled and was unable to stop the Chiefs.

Kam Chancellor was sacked six times, which is a franchise record.

And, the offense was awful.

Kansas City has not had a touchdown pass to a wide receiver since Week 1.3.

The offense has been great.

I don’t think anyone expected to see the Raiders defense play well, but they did.

There were plenty of times when they were playing great defense, but it was the defense that was able to hold the Chiefs offense to 2.7 yards per play.4.

They will get back the starting offensive line.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the Chiefs would have an offensive line rotation.

This was not a surprise, as it had been the plan all along.

As mentioned above, the team is trying to rebuild its offensive line in free agency.

It’s not expected that any of the players on the roster will return.5.

There is a lot of talent on the offensive line and it is not as if the Raiders will be losing much on the depth chart.

One of the biggest changes for the Chiefs is that they will have a number of young players on their offensive line this season who are not going to be able to play every snap.6.

The defense will be improved.

While the defense has been better, the secondary is still a major issue.

The Kansas City defense allowed 2.4 yards per pass play this season and the Chiefs defense allowed the second-fewest yards per game allowed in the league.7.

The team is not expected to be a top 10 defense in the NFL.

Only the Seahawks and 49ers are better than the Chiefs in terms of total yards allowed.

Even with the loss of some of the key pieces on defense, the Kansas City secondary will still be a very good unit.8.

The schedule is not tough.

After the Chiefs’ bye week, they will play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Both of those games are tough, but the 49ers game is easier.9.

The players on this team have not lost a lot this season in spite of the injury issues.

We saw it with Jamaal Charles.

He was in and out of the lineup all season.

And then he came back and played really well.10.

The 49ers were the only team in football to win four playoff games last season.

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