Volunteers in Tucson take on dangerous and often dangerous jobs

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Volunteers in the Tucson area have taken on dangerous jobs for their community and the country, and have become an integral part of it.

As of March 31, the Arizona Volunteers for Humanity (AVH) is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the state of Arizona, with over 2,300 volunteers.

The group operates in the communities of Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Tucson and Scottsdale.

It was started in the late 1980s by a pair of brothers in the community of Tucson, and is now considered a community institution.

It was created in response to the Columbine High School massacre, and its mission is to provide the community with a safe place to meet with friends, share a laugh and build community.

In recent years, the organization has seen growth, as more than a third of its members were active on social media in 2016.

The organization also has expanded its reach beyond its home state and the region of Arizona.

While Arizona has a long history of providing volunteer opportunities, this year, AVH is partnering with the Phoenix Police Department to help raise money for the families of victims of the mass shooting in Phoenix on January 2, 2021.

The Phoenix Police Officer who was the victim of the shooting is one the victims of this senseless act, but AVH has been working with the local Phoenix PD to help bring awareness to the community.

The Arizona Volunteers are using the funds raised from the event to fund the families for funeral expenses, education, legal representation and other support.

A year ago, AVLH raised $2,200 for the Phoenix family of Sgt. Sean Cagle, who was killed during the shooting.

The funds raised through the event have now been used to assist with funeral expenses for two of his victims, Sgt. Joseph Martinez and Sgt. Anthony Armentano.

As the community recovers from the tragic loss of Cagle and Martinez, AVHA and Phoenix PD are working to make the memorial service more effective and more accessible to the Phoenix community.

AVHA’s Arizona office is partnering up with the Tucson Police Department, Phoenix Fire Department, and the Phoenix Airport Authority to help ensure the memorial services can continue as planned.

For more information, visit or call (602) 564-7290.

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