Volunteers drive to volunteer speedway

Volunteer Zone

Volunteer Speedway has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, donations and goodwill from the community and volunteers alike.

A huge outpouring from the public, and volunteers themselves, has helped ensure that speedway is running smoothly, and the race has a full slate of races in November.RTE’s senior newsreader, Sam Kelly, reports.SAM KELLY: The volunteers have been out there to make sure that this race is going to be safe for the participants.

One of the reasons that they’ve done that is because they are worried about safety, they are concerned about people’s safety.

But, they’re also concerned about how it’s going to affect the event.

And I think that’s why they’re willing to go to the lengths that they have to.

There are many volunteers out there who are concerned that this event is going too far.

They’re concerned about what this could do to their families.

They don’t want to be seen as a liability.

So, I think the fact that they’re there, they have a voice in what they’re doing, they want to make a difference.

And, as the race gets closer, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they do want to help.

They are very aware of the community’s expectations and that there’s going a lot of excitement about this.

There are people who are really excited about it.

They want to see it go well, and they’re not going to leave unless there’s something they can do about it, whether it’s through a police action, through the courts or the people who will be volunteering.

So, they’ve been out here all day to make this happen.

And that’s really important, because it shows that they really do want this race to be a success.SAM COOPER: Volunteers have been coming out all day, and it’s very, very positive.

I mean, it looks like, from the outside, it seems like there’s some really, really, great people out there, and I think it really does look like the race is really going well.

We know that there are a lot more volunteers than we’d like, but there’s a lot going on.

The community is really on top of things, and we’re just watching.SAM RATHWORTH: One of our very, extremely good friends from Melbourne, he’s come down from Melbourne to help out.

He’s been driving for four years now.

He has this great experience in the motor sports industry.SAM: This is the race.

I just got off the phone with him and he’s absolutely thrilled to be here.

And the fact he’s here, I’m really impressed with his commitment and how he’s taken it.SAM HOLLANDER: I can’t thank the volunteers enough.

I think we all really appreciate the support that they are giving us.

SAM: Sam’s driving a Ford Fiesta GT, and this is a fantastic experience, and he has the utmost confidence that this will go to plan.SAM JONES: There’s an amazing amount of support out there.

I know we’re getting a lot in return.

And it’s a very special experience for me.SAM GARVITI: I’m thrilled to have been a part of this race.

It’s such a great experience for everyone involved.

And we are all really grateful to everyone who has been involved, because they really have made this a very positive experience for everybody involved.SAM BOWEN: Sam and I have been talking about speedway for a long time.

And this year, I’ve actually been going on a lot about the speedway.

I’ve been wanting to drive it, and just driving it, for a while, and now I have a chance to drive this race, and there are just so many people that I’m going to drive with, and you can really see it.

I feel like I’m in the driving seat.SAM ROBINSON: I was just driving past the track, and as I was driving by, I thought, oh, this is great.

I love speedways, and Speedways are the best.SAM WARD: It’s a really special day for me to be able to drive in front of this huge crowd of people.

I’m so happy that I get to do this.SAM DYLAN: I’ve got my eyes on this race a lot.

And when you get out on the track and see it as you’re driving along and just see this great community of people who’ve come together, it makes you want to keep going and do more races.SAM PORTER: I think they’ve really done a good job, really in keeping it all in the community, and not just the drivers, and in the public and just letting everybody have a good time.SAM MARTIN: The first person who came out on stage, Sam Parker, who’s also a race participant, and Sam has been driving his Fiesta GT

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