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Which one of these is the real deal?

This article originally appeared on the The Lad website. The Lad, a Jewish weekly, recently published a short article on its website titled “The Truth Behind All Things Jewish.”The article featured interviews with the author, Rabbi Michael B. D’Avi, and the editor, Dr. Eliezer Hirschfeld. The article was published in a December edition of the Lad’s newsletter,

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What to know about volunteerism in Hamptons

The volunteer community is growing at an incredible rate in the Hampton area, but it’s not just the young people who are making it a success.It’s also the older ones.“When I was a kid, we had to go on missions,” says Amy Dabrowski, who runs a volunteer-based charity called the Greater Hampton Animal Rescue.“Now it’s

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Volunteers to help in battle against Zika outbreak

A group of volunteers from the village of Wigan have been sent to the capital city of New York to help fight the spread of the Zika virus.The volunteers will assist in field trials and work with the New York State Department of Health to vaccinate New Yorkers and the surrounding area.Wigan is a small

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Volunteers drive to volunteer speedway

Volunteer Speedway has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, donations and goodwill from the community and volunteers alike.A huge outpouring from the public, and volunteers themselves, has helped ensure that speedway is running smoothly, and the race has a full slate of races in November.RTE’s senior newsreader, Sam Kelly, reports.SAM KELLY: The volunteers have

Salvation Army volunteers make movie, sell merchandise

Volunteer movie theaters and bookstores around the country have started selling merchandise featuring the Salvation Army.The Salvation Army started selling movies and other merchandise in stores, movie theaters, restaurants and other places on Saturday, and is now selling clothing, shoes, accessories, and more, according to the Salvation Association of America.It said that as of Friday,

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How to donate to the National Park Service at your local cafe

A new app has raised more than $2 million to help provide free food for the National Parks Service (NPS).The app, Volunteer Emt, allows users to register their own volunteer cafe in the National parks, and then the app will send a team of volunteers to pick up food from the cafe, and deliver it

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What you need to know about the Sunshine State’s animal shelters

The Sunshine State, Florida, has been struggling to keep its animal shelters afloat since Hurricane Matthew devastated the state and left a gaping hole in the nation’s food supply.But it’s not as if animals are all that hungry right now.In the wake of the devastating hurricane, the state is now on the cusp of opening

Why we need a new ‘volunteers’ website, and what we need to do

A volunteer is a person who volunteers for someone else’s cause.They help in the short term, but eventually, the volunteers are paid back for their services.In the long term, they’re a source of income for the organization.The problem with volunteer-based organizations is that they’re usually small, and often lack resources to help those who need

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When your pet is a volunteer: what’s the best way to volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities in Arizona are limited and many shelters in the state require you to be a registered pet owner.There are also a number of other requirements that you must meet to become a volunteer.If you’re interested in volunteering with an animal shelter, there are some volunteer opportunities you should look into.Here’s what you need