Veteran volunteers help vets get back on their feet

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Veteran volunteers helping veterans get back to work are making a difference in a new Washington, D.C. campaign.

The nonprofit organization, Veterans United for Democracy, started a GoFundMe page for a new campaign to help veterans get their lives back on track.

The GoFundME is set to launch on Friday and aims to raise $20,000 to help pay for equipment and supplies for vets to go back to their jobs and get back into their homes.

The organization has also started a fundraising website to support veterans’ legal defense costs.

“Veterans United for Diversity has been providing the resources and support to support the veterans who have been injured and have not been able to return to their homes,” said Julie Baskin, the group’s communications director.

“This is an opportunity for them to start again.

This is the time to make their life better.

I think that they need the support of all of us.”

The GoFundme is set up by veterans and allies to support them in their recovery from their injuries.

The campaign has raised more than $2.5 million.

Baskins said that more than 200 veterans are currently receiving treatment at the Veterans Treatment Center in Washington, DC, and they hope to have a permanent home for the next few months.

“We are all working to get our veterans back to normal,” she said.

“Veterans who have lost a limb, who have had an amputation, we need to get them back to working, to having their jobs.”

The group has also launched a Facebook page to help other veterans and veterans’ families find support.

The page has been liked by more than 7,600 people.

“They have created a very powerful group of veterans, veterans’ allies and allies who have given their lives to help our country,” Baskan said.

“We have a chance to get these people back to life and to be able to support themselves and their families.”

The organization is also organizing a fundraiser to help fund the veterans’ medical expenses, and is looking for $1,000 donations to pay for the expenses.

It is also asking for donations to help cover the costs of supplies and supplies needed to start a new business, such as a landscaping business.

The group also has an online petition that has garnered more than 10,000 signatures, and it is also starting to receive donations.

The group is hoping to raise more than that.

“There is just a lot of money out there, and there is no one who has the money to help these veterans,” Basking said.

The GoFriends GoFund ME page is set for launch on Thursday and the fundraising goal is $20.

Basking hopes that veterans and their supporters can make a difference to help the veterans find employment and to help them stay in their homes again.