The Dog and Cat Sanctuary of the Future?

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A new shelter for dogs and cats that cat lovers can look forward to will open in the spring, and it’s being created by volunteers from all over the world.

The new Dog and Cats Sanctuary of America, named after the original sanctuary founded by Dr. David and Esther Catan, is an effort to provide shelter for thousands of stray and abused dogs and cat cats who are living in shelters in the United States.

The Catan’s original sanctuary, located in rural North Carolina, was closed in 2012 when the Catan family and a small group of volunteers formed the Dog and Bat Sanctuary to help bring shelter to the region’s homeless dogs and their owners.

Now, the shelter is open to anyone who wants to volunteer their time to help out with the shelter and its mission.

The first day the new shelter is up and running, volunteers will be able to help with basic maintenance, such as cleaning, disinfecting, feeding, and putting up shelter for the cats and dogs.

The shelter will also be able open to the public as long as it meets its goals.

“This is going to be an opportunity for the public to be able see a shelter that’s not just for animals but also for people,” said Julie Cavanaugh, an assistant director of the Catandacounty Center for Human Services, the nonprofit that owns the Catans home.

“And we hope to get people to come visit and see the cats, and the dogs, and also see what they’re going through.

So the hope is to see them as part of the solution.”

The Catans and the Catania family are a husband and wife team who have spent decades building up the shelter.

Dr. Catan has been with the Catacounty since 1989 and founded the shelter in 1994 with Dr. Michael Catan as its founding director.

In addition to his medical training, Dr. Cavanaugh has worked in veterinary medicine and has worked as a licensed veterinarian in Texas for decades.

“The Catan Foundation was the original foundation and the foundation has been running it for many years,” Cavanaugh said.

“It has always been very important to me that people come and see this shelter and it has always provided an opportunity to share with people that they’re not alone in their experience of being a homeless animal.”

The shelter has been open for more than 10 years, and Cavanaugh says that the Catano family has been in touch with volunteers since their original home was closed.

“There is such a strong commitment by volunteers,” she said.

And while the new Catan shelter is just the beginning of a long and rewarding journey for volunteers, the Catanzas will still have to work on the overall shelter.

“We have to get the dogs and the cats to a veterinarian, and we also have to take care of the dogs who come in, and there are some people who come into the shelter who are sick or injured and we need to be patient and understand,” Catan said.

The cats and the dog have a long way to go before they can be safely adopted, but the Catanos are hopeful that this new home will help them and their families feel safe enough to get back on their feet.

“Our goal is to get them to a place where they’re comfortable with us and with the people in our family,” Catano said.

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