San Antonio’s first paid community service event: ‘There’s no other way’


San Antonio, Texas (CNN) — The first paid volunteer community service, held Monday by the San Antonio Fire Department, was not only a way for those on the front lines to connect and have fun, but also a way to celebrate.

The event took place at the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Volunteer Coordinator Training Center at the San Marcos Hospital, located at 830 S. Main St. The event brought together volunteers who are working to combat HIV/AIDS and the other life-threatening illnesses that are affecting the region.

The volunteers were able to get their hands on a wide variety of products and supplies to help them fight the disease, as well as support and assist in outreach.

There were also activities for kids to engage in a range of fun activities.

The program was held at the facility where volunteers were trained, so it was a good way to connect with people from all over the state.

The events were free, but participants were encouraged to make a donation.

Volunteers are needed in many ways in the area.

They are the primary care provider, they are the health care providers, and they are a vital resource for people living with HIV and AIDS, according to the DSHS.

Volunteers are also part of the local community.

Volunteers can be at the hospital and in the community working in many different capacities.

“I’m just thrilled that they’ve chosen to use the program as a way of helping the community,” said San Antonio resident Kristi Johnson.

“It’s so important that we have these opportunities for people to come out and have a good time, and to be engaged.”

In addition to being able to interact with other volunteers and have activities, there were also educational and support-oriented activities.

There was a food drive for people in need, as the fire department has a food bank, and there was a volunteer coordinator training class that was held.

The course is designed to help people understand what is happening with the virus and how they can get involved.

There was also an area for seniors to get information and advice.

There is a need for seniors and people with disabilities to come in to help out, said Dr. Jennifer Davis, the senior health officer for the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

People with disabilities are at high risk of HIV/AIDs because they are physically and mentally disabled, Davis said.

“We’re always looking to develop new ways to support the disabled community, so this program was a great opportunity to do that.”

A similar event, which took place in the same location on Thursday, was held in New York City.

Participants were given supplies to donate to local HIV/ AIDs organizations and also to help those in need.

The group also met to support a variety of people in the local HIV community, including people with physical disabilities.

The DSHS is also looking to hire more volunteer coordinators in San Antonio.