How to use a self-driving car to help save the city

The first city in the world to be able to run autonomous cars on city streets, the Seattle area will also be the first in the country to test out a full-fledged, self-driven fleet of self-parking trucks.As of now, Seattle is the only major American city to have a fully self-balancing autonomous vehicle.“I think that’s


Why the zoo is doing all these cute volunteer jobs

It’s a strange time to be a nurse in New York City.The city has seen the kind of boom and bust that is almost unheard of for a city that is so diverse and diverse in terms of its residents, and even in its zoo.In New York, where the average salary is $70,000, there’s a


Which one of these is the real deal?

This article originally appeared on the The Lad website. The Lad, a Jewish weekly, recently published a short article on its website titled “The Truth Behind All Things Jewish.”The article featured interviews with the author, Rabbi Michael B. D’Avi, and the editor, Dr. Eliezer Hirschfeld. The article was published in a December edition of the Lad’s newsletter,


What to know about volunteerism in Hamptons

The volunteer community is growing at an incredible rate in the Hampton area, but it’s not just the young people who are making it a success.It’s also the older ones.“When I was a kid, we had to go on missions,” says Amy Dabrowski, who runs a volunteer-based charity called the Greater Hampton Animal Rescue.“Now it’s


How to Live the Dream of Voluntary Volunteerism

Voluntary volunteering is the way to make a difference.Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, or a community leader, you can find a way to help others when you volunteer to help out.Read more…


Volunteers to help in battle against Zika outbreak

A group of volunteers from the village of Wigan have been sent to the capital city of New York to help fight the spread of the Zika virus.The volunteers will assist in field trials and work with the New York State Department of Health to vaccinate New Yorkers and the surrounding area.Wigan is a small