Meet The Most Active Redditors For The 2018 World Cup


Today, a few of the world’s most active Redditors are here to give you the latest news, events and discussions on the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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The 2018 FIFA world cup has had an impressive first year.

With over 3,600 active users, the site is the biggest global event of its kind, and has seen over 11 million unique visitors.

The top 5 most active countries in the subreddit are:The United StatesThe United KingdomThe United Arab EmiratesThe NetherlandsThe Netherlands and BrazilThe United Republic of TanzaniaThe United SlovakiaThe United statesThe United NationsThe United State of GermanyThe United StatedThe United StaatsFor the next edition of the Reddit World Cup subreddit, we asked Redditors to give us their top 5 countries, and then they voted.

The United nations took the prize for the top 5 active subreddits.

We also looked at how active Reddit has been for this year’s World Cup, and you can see which subreddits are the busiest and least active for each.