How to volunteer to help reduce COVID-19 at community centers


Volunteer energy cooperatives have popped up around the country in recent years, offering free meals and free haircuts to residents of low-income neighborhoods, often in collaboration with nonprofit organizations and faith-based groups.

Now a coalition of groups is asking volunteers to help curb the coronavirus epidemic.

The group, called Volunteer Energy Cooperative Network (VECN), has launched a Facebook page,, to gather information about the programs.

They are seeking volunteers from the community and others in the health care field.

They said they are looking for a wide range of skills, including caring for sick or injured people, helping to coordinate food and other needs, and helping people in need.

Volunteers can apply by filling out a short questionnaire.

To find a local group that offers a service, go to

The group is hoping to have about 150 volunteer hours completed by Dec. 16.

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