How to Volunteer at a New York City Park Source Bloomberg title ‘It’s Not Enough’: Volunteering at a Parks in a New Orleans Community

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By Steve B. Schuhler, Staff WriterJune 10, 2018 5:23pm1.

Volunteer at the New Orleans Park Conservancy to help clean up a lake that’s filled with sewage.2.

Volunteer to pick up trash that’s floating in the lake.3.

Volunteer with a volunteer to help clear up debris and grass from a playground.4.

Volunteer for a team to clean up and restore a playground after a recent fire.5.

Volunteer in the morning to help the volunteers clear up and clean up the pool.6.

Volunteer and collect water to refill a lake for a friend or neighbor.7.

Volunteer by day for a neighborhood project or by night for a local community project.8.

Volunteer as a personal volunteer to clean out a dumpster and clean out debris in your yard.9.

Volunteer outside in the park and in the backyard.10.

Volunteer on a group project in a neighborhood to help a community.11.

Volunteer during the season to help rebuild the city.12.

Volunteer while the weather is still warm for a group of people to share a meal.13.

Volunteer if there are any kids left in the neighborhood.14.

Volunteer when you can for a good cause.15.

Volunteer once in a while to help people in need.16.

Volunteer under a blanket if you’re in a small group and have lots of time.17.

Volunteer because you love the outdoors and have a sense of adventure.18.

Volunteer so you can feel the community and share your love of the outdoors with the people you meet.19.

Volunteer after work for a short period of time for a cause you care about.20.

Volunteer around the holidays to help out someone in need in the community.21.

Volunteer the summer months to help with a family emergency.22.

Volunteer late at night and get out and enjoy the weather.23.

Volunteer every single day for good causes.24.

Volunteer early in the year to give back to your community.25.

Volunteer through the holidays so you don’t miss out on a great event or opportunity.26.

Volunteer any time of year to help others.27.

Volunteer even if you aren’t a volunteer.

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