How to help a gorilla in need of a home

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Helping a gorilla on the loose in the wild could be a challenge for anyone, but this one might be a little bit more difficult.

A couple of people from the New Jersey Zoo in New Brunswick, New Jersey, have been searching for the gorilla and a few friends for some time, but have never been able to find him.

Now, they have found their answer: They took the gorilla out to the park for a walk. 

As they walked, they spotted the gorilla running and stopped to help him.

“I said, ‘You’re not coming out with your hands up,'” the volunteer told ABC News.

The zoo’s deputy director, Lisa Sussman, said she has seen the gorilla before.

She said the animal has a distinctive habit of walking to avoid predators.

But she also said she had seen the animal walking alone for weeks and that it is not uncommon for him to take a walk to avoid being trampled.

“The thing that’s amazing is that he’s just not going to stop.

He’s going to keep going,” Sussmann said.

“And he’s a very, very friendly gorilla.”

While the volunteer had been searching out a new home for the animal, the zoo has since adopted the gorilla to a couple in New Jersey.

They named him “Papa” after their daughter, who is also a volunteer.

“We love Papa, and he’s so happy,” Sommans said.

The zoo will donate the new family a home, as well as the animal’s care.