How to get the word out about your volunteer fire department job

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If you’re in the business of running a volunteer firehouse, you know the importance of engaging the community.

But you may not know how to connect with potential volunteer firefighters on social media.

And that’s where you can help.

“We need to connect the community and connect the volunteer fire service,” says Mark Dutton, president of the California Firefighters Association.

“That’s where we can really create a network and bring people into the fold.”

Here’s how.

Social media The first step in connecting with the volunteer community is to create a social media presence.

“The best way to get people to join your fire department is to have a great online presence,” says Dutton.

“If you’re like us, you probably already have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, so you can use that as a platform for sharing news and updates about the volunteer department and our work.”

Dutton also recommends using a variety of different channels for your Facebook posts, which he says will be easier to reach the people who will actually sign up for the job.

Here are some tips for using Facebook as your social media platform.

First, check your Facebook status to see if you’re on the front page.

If so, it’s probably time to update your status to a volunteer firefighter.

Second, look at the topics you want to share.

This is where your Facebook fans will likely help you out.

“A lot of people say they’re just interested in social media because they don’t know anything about volunteer fire services,” Dutton says.

“But there are a lot of opportunities for that.”

Here are the types of topics you should consider sharing with your Facebook followers.

“Firefighter,” “Fire” and “Firefighting” are often the topics people want to discuss.

You can use the hashtags #volunteers, #firefighting, #FireDay and #firedaycare to share these stories.

“People want to see pictures of fire trucks,” Denton says.

You might also want to use the hashtag #voluntaryistrutgers, which is a reference to the state’s non-profit fire service.

You should also consider creating a profile on Facebook for each firefighter that you know.

You’ll have a chance to promote yourself and your job as well as get new volunteers.

Dutton recommends creating a social profile for each volunteer that you work with.

You’re also going to want to get social media accounts for each other and for other people who are interested in your fire service, like your parents or siblings.

Diversify your Twitter presence.

Denton suggests posting pictures of your fire station and answering questions from your followers.

You may also want a photo of yourself to share your photo with friends and family.

“When people ask for pictures of the fire department, it gives the fire service an opportunity to be more authentic and authentic is something that will really increase the engagement,” Dathan says.

Here’s a list of other things you can do to diversify your social profiles: Follow other volunteers and ask them to share pictures and videos of their work.

“I’ve been following some people in my fire department and they’re doing it,” Danton says.

Danton also says it’s important to include a photo with your posts.

“Your fire station is an extension of your family and your friends,” Dannings says.

Make sure you use hashtags to promote your business and your social profile.

“It really is that simple,” Dottens says.

It’s also a good idea to create an account on your Facebook page to show off your service.

If you have a business and you want people to know about it, Dutton suggests creating a business page for it.

It’ll be easier for the people in your community to find your company.

You could also use a business card to sell your business to your fans.

Dannins also suggests making your profile a video.

“There’s a whole category of videos that you can post that can really drive engagement,” he says.

If the video is about your job, it may also be worth posting a short description.

Dottons says it makes sense to include your Twitter handle in the video description.

If a firefighter posts a video that includes your name, it can be a great way to build your following.

“You can share the video as a tweet and get followers that you could then use to promote that particular video,” Dattons says.

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