How to find out what’s going on with the German army

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The German military’s volunteer service has a new boss.

The head of the military’s largest volunteer group, the Kriegsgesellschaft der Bundesverband, said Sunday that his group will become the Bundesvolk, or federal army.

The Bundesvolksgassung will oversee all German military activities, including fighting in the world war and overseas.

It’s the biggest military organization in Europe, but its membership is small compared to the number of Bundeswehr soldiers.

It has about 500,000 volunteers and a budget of about 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion).

The Bundesverbstättenstoffe is a volunteer organization with a membership of roughly 150,000, which includes about 3,000 paratroopers and a few dozen infantrymen.

The organization was created in 2002 and it was founded to provide military training and technical expertise to civilian and military organizations.

In Germany, volunteer troops do not serve in the Bundeswehre, the country’s army, but instead serve as advisers and technical advisors for the armed forces.

They are paid a salary of about 150 euros ($187) a month, and are not required to take part in combat.

Kriegsgassunter is a military branch of the Bundesverwaltungsführer, the German armed forces, which oversees military operations.

It also has a branch in the Federal Republic of Germany, the largest military power in Europe.

The Federal Republic has a total of 1.8 million soldiers and officers.