Dogs, cats found in remote shelter in Arizona


A dog found wandering the streets of an Arizona animal shelter had been rescued after being rescued from a nearby dumpster.

The dog was found Saturday by a passerby in a backyard in the city of Phoenix.

A man who lives in the area said he noticed a dog in the backyard about 10 days ago and called the shelter to check on it.

When they arrived, they found the dog, named Daisy, with no injuries.

The man said he took the dog to the animal shelter.

“She’s so beautiful.

She’s just such a good girl,” the man said.

“I think she is a little bit lost at the moment.

She doesn’t know what to do.”

“The shelter is not equipped to care for dogs that don’t have a home,” shelter spokeswoman Beth Johnson said.

It’s unclear if the dog is a shelter volunteer or if she is an adopted animal.

If you’d like to help the animal rescue, you can donate to their GoFundMe page.