Dog Shelter Volunteer Emt Is Ready To Help Rescue Dogs

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Volunteer EmT is ready to take on a rescue dog rescue that has been left without a home for nearly two months.

EmT, a service dog that was adopted in April, has been unable to find a new home after being turned away by the Animal Care and Control agency.

A spokesperson for the shelter said the dog is currently on a feeding schedule that empowers him to move around and have regular exercise, but is still being watched by a veterinarian.

The spokesperson said the shelter has been trying to contact the owner of the dog but has not yet heard back.

EmTs are not new pets for the rescue program, which relies on donations to maintain its operations.

It’s not clear how many dogs EmTs are currently on the waiting list for a home.

In the past, the program has taken in dogs from the community in need of foster homes.

In 2017, a team of volunteers was sent to the U.K. to rescue a dog from the streets after it was found wandering the streets.

The rescue dog is being cared for by volunteers, including a group called the EmT Rescue Team, a volunteer group for animal rescue.

The group has received more than 2,000 donations and has been working to find foster homes for the dog.