Cub Cadet volunteer in Venezuela dies at 16:57

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CricInfo – Cub Cadet volunteers in Venezuela have died after being taken off a bus in the state of Caracas.

Venezuela’s Health Ministry said in a statement that the group was traveling to the southern city of San Fernando to attend a birthday party for a relative of a man they met on a bus.

“The Cub Cadets had been on their way to the city of Cauca to attend the birthday party of a relative,” the statement said.

The Cubs are part of a national volunteer corps, a group that has been involved in aid work since the country’s 2014 civil war.

President Nicolas Maduro has promised to make Venezuela a model for the rest of the world to follow, but it has been difficult to recruit volunteers and many Cub Cades have been injured while fighting the government.

Many Cub Caders have died fighting for their cause, while others have been imprisoned and forced to flee the country.

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