Why America needs a nursing home revolution

If you’re looking for a nursing homes alternative to your local nursing home, this article might be for you.For a decade, nursing homes have been struggling to keep up with the rapid expansion of assisted living facilities and assisted dying facilities, both of which are expanding in popularity in the U.S. A recent Associated Press

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We’re in the process of filling our volunteer match for thanksgivings

Volunteers who work at the hospital are becoming more of a priority, as more of them are volunteering for thanksdays.According to the National Hospital Association, the hospital has an annual volunteer matching program that allows anyone who has served in the military or deployed to be eligible to volunteer.But not everyone is interested in helping

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Veteran volunteers help vets get back on their feet

Veteran volunteers helping veterans get back to work are making a difference in a new Washington, D.C. campaign.The nonprofit organization, Veterans United for Democracy, started a GoFundMe page for a new campaign to help veterans get their lives back on track.The GoFundME is set to launch on Friday and aims to raise $20,000 to help

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Oregon Libraries: Volunteering Opportunities

Portland, OR – The Portland Public Library’s volunteer opportunities are on a roll.The library has made more than 20,000 volunteer hours available for its libraries, as well as hundreds of volunteer opportunities for community groups.In just one week, the library has completed more than 500 volunteer opportunities and the staff has helped more than 6,000

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Meet the team who’re helping out the homeless in the shelter industry

The homeless are finding it increasingly difficult to get into the shelter business, even as people around the country are taking on the challenge.And it’s a problem that’s not just limited to the homeless.In a new report from the nonprofit advocacy group The Coalition for the Homeless, the group says it’s seeing an uptick in