Bobbi Brown says she’ll be ‘full of love’ for Bernie Sanders as he’s nominated as vice president

Volunteer Zone

Volunteer Week 2020 is in full swing, with more than 500 volunteers taking part, and the Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is expected to be named the vice president.

The annual event aims to raise awareness of the cause of global poverty and the need for a better future for the world’s most vulnerable people.

Organisers say the event will focus on promoting the need to work in partnership with volunteers to combat climate change and promote sustainability.

The event kicks off at the Sydney Convention Centre on Friday.

“We’re really excited about the opportunity to bring Bernie to Australia.

He’s been a big part of this cause for many years,” Ms Brown, a former Labor MP, said.”

I think the first time we’re doing this in Australia is just fantastic, it’s going to be very inspiring.”

She said the goal was to encourage people to volunteer, and also to engage with the issues raised by the Sanders campaign.

“What I think is important about Bernie’s campaign is that he’s really been an outlier on climate change, he’s a Bernie Sanders, he just doesn’t think like everybody else, he thinks about things a little differently, he doesn’t have a corporate side, he really just thinks about his community and that’s why I think the Bernie Sanders campaign is so important.”

Volunteers, particularly those in remote communities, have traditionally been a key part of the Bernie campaign.

Ms Brown said she was keen to see him take the initiative and help people out.

“He has a very genuine, real and genuine heart, and I think it’s important to have those kinds of people in the government,” she said.

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