कोत्र किर् सें का रे आलगाने ।।करन क लो क ॥॥


The woman’s shelter in Mumbai, where more than 1,000 volunteers have joined to help people fleeing violence in India, is being hailed as a model for other shelters in India.

The women’s shelter has more than 500 volunteers who have gone on a voluntary assignment in the city to help refugees, including children and women.

“The volunteers in the shelter are very enthusiastic and have been volunteering their whole lives and they are very supportive.

They have a good work ethic,” said Gyanesh Kumar, the director of the women’s shelters.

The shelter, located in the eastern part of Mumbai, is run by a local NGO, The Shelter.

It has been run for the past five years.

It has received a total of 1,086 applications from people fleeing the ongoing violence in the country, which has claimed more than one lakh lives in the past year.

More than 20 volunteers are helping the shelter with basic tasks such as cooking and cleaning, said Kumar.

They also help with hygiene and cleaning of rooms, and provide shelter for displaced women and children.

A volunteer at the women shelter said that they are helping people who have nowhere to go and are worried about their future.

“People have been staying in shelters or other places but we do not know what they will do in the future.

We are trying to help them find shelter and also to get them back to their home,” said the volunteer.

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